Scrabble Club & Tournaments In Auburn, Alabama!

Where We Meet
The library opens at exactly 1:00pm on Sundays; easiest access is to park on the top level (open sky above you) of the parking deck off Roosevelt Drive (no parking tags are required on the weekends). When you walk into the library's South Entrance, you will see a circulation desk ahead of you. Immediately before the circulation desk to the right is the "Newspaper Reading Room" where we will play.
I have started an informal Scrabble club in Auburn, Alabama. We meet at in the "Newspaper Reading Room" of the Auburn University's Ralph B. Draughon Library at 1:00pm on Sundays. You are welcome to drop by to play games or just see what is going on. You might want to email me a couple of days in advance to be sure that we are meeting that particular Sunday. Directions to the room in the library are given in the sidebar to the right.

I am also directing Scrabble tournaments on a semi-regular basis in Auburn. I'm starting modestly with one-day tournaments. The first was held on 20 April 2024. To learn details about upcoming tournaments, click on the appropriate dates below. If you have never participated in a Scrabble tournament before, I would strongly advise you to drop by the club (see above) a couple of times beforehand to learn the ins and outs of tournament play.

Upcoming Tournaments

This is my tentative plan for upcoming tournaments. When a date is finalized/confirmed/open-for-registration, it will link to a PDF flyer for that event.

Past Tournaments

  1. 1 June 2024
  2. 20 April 2024

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