Alabama Jigsaw Puzzle

The state of Alabama is divided into sixty-seven counties, and they make really good pieces for a jigsaw puzzle.

Though this likely only interests residents (or former residents) of the state, if you would like such a puzzle for yourself, email me; we can discuss prices for one or more copies. If you already own one of these puzzles but have lost some of the pieces, I can make replacement pieces for you (again, contact me for pricing).

The puzzle measures approximately 8 inches wide by 12 inches tall. The county-pieces are 3/16th inches thick, laser-cut acrylic and have the names of the counties engraved on the front sides. When assembled, no two adjacent (border-touching) counties will be the same color. Note that while the four colors used for the counties are red, blue, yellow, and green; which counties are which colors might not always match those in the pictures on this webpage. The font used may also vary from the pictures. The frame is two levels of 1/8th inch thick, glued acrylic (the base is black, the frame proper is white).

Taking care of the jigsaw puzzle. The fine detail at which the plastic pieces have been cut leads to edges that can break if handled roughly. Broken edges can be quite sharp. Handle the puzzle with care, and there should be no problems.

When extracting or inserting pieces into the puzzle, use a vertical motion. That is, place the pieces straight downward into the puzzle frame; do not try to interlock two pieces by sliding one horizontally into the adjacent one; insert it vertically. This will help ensure that some of the more intricate borders between counties (i.e., where there are rivers) interlock properly.

Warning! Choking Hazard. Puzzle contains small pieces. Not for children under 8 years.