Colors In Movie Titles

by Eric Harshbarger

This chart illustrates all movies since 1 Jan 1982 that have had a color mentioned in their titles (here's a little bit of backstory on the inspiration for this). You should be able to move your mouse-pointer over the colored dots on the graph to get pop-up text showing the relevant movie's title, rank, and date. If you find any titles on the chart that should not be included, please let me know (I think I have filtered all of the false-positive "red" titles like Shawshank Redemption). Also, if you have suggestions for valid color names that I did not include, send them my way (and I'll consult Merriam Webster's unabridged dictionary to consider the inclusion). Data was taken from the publicly available box office charts at I'm not sure how often I'll update this chart, but probably at least once per year.