Projects of LOGOLOG

This webpage summarizes various wordplay projects that I am working on current, or at least proposed in the past. Projects labeled "open" still have questions that have yet to be answered (and maybe, by their nature, will never be fully "closed").

Generally I will link the title of each project to the LOGOLOG entry which first mentioned the project. Readers are welcome to contribute their own answers. I will try to remember to mentioned which wordlists I am using for each project (many of the wordlists may be obtained from the

Letter Shifting

Trying to find the longest pair of words such that the first "shifts" the second resulting in a valid third word. A one-based index for the alphabet is used: A=1, B=2, C=3, ..., Z=26.

An example using nine letters words is possible:

It is the ONLY 9 letter example, and there are none using words of length 10 or greater (in the web2.txt wordlist).

Slices of PI

Basically searching for words embedded within the first deimal places of PI (ignore the "3." that begins the irrational number). Uses modular arithmetic and an zero-based index of the alphabet (A=0, B=1, C=2,...,Z=25). The latest known results are presented below. I am using the latest tournament Scrabble wordlist based on the fourth edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

L Max (S) # words within threshold Earliest word Latest word
2 2,500,000 101* pi(BE) = 1 pi(MU) = 4852
3 1,666,666 1015* pi(EYE) = 11 pi(MOB) = 114,950
4 25,000,000 4030* pi(WEIR) = 268 pi(SWAT) = 3,614,111
5 1,000,000 704 pi(CANAL) = 600 pi(DELTS) = 997,391
6 833,333 33 pi(WHARVE) = 46441 pi(GLIFFS) = 819,309
7 14,285,714 44 pi(ABLEIST) = 89,482 pi(YARROWS) = 13,182,136
8 12,500,000 1 pi(OCCUPIER) = 4,722,439 pi(OCCUPIER) = 4,722,439
* indicates that all the words of length L were found using a slice size of Max(S) or less.