UCSD Exhibit

Fellow LEGO craftsman Henry Lim and I were invited by the Geisel Library on the campus of the University of California, San Diego to display some of our LEGO mosaics. Despite the venue being over 2,000 miles away, I thought, "why not?"

It gave me an excuse to do a cross country drive and visit friends on the West Coast. Plus, it let me determine exactly how I could fit my mosaics in my car (since I expect to be bringing many up to the 2003 BrickFest convention later this year).

So, on 3 May 2003 I packed up my car and headed westward. Three days later (31 hours of actual driving) I arrived at Henry's place in the Los Angeles area. The next day we loaded all of the mosaics into Henry's car and jaunted south to UCSD.

The installation of the mosaics went much more smoothly than either one of us dared to hope. There were not mishaps, nothing was dropped, and since the display space was very large, behind secure glass cabinet doors, and furnished with a heavy cabinet base, it was really just a matter of setting the works into place (only the King of Hearts mosaic was actually hung on the wall).

If anything, we actually brought too many mosaics... we couldn't center all of them in the display windows. Once finished, however, the display was a great exhibition of many different styles of mosaics. The works displayed:

The exhibit will run from 7 May through 1 June 2003, so if any of you are in the San Diego area, you are encouraged to see this display.

Thanks should be given to Scott Paulson at the Geisel Library for inviting us. Thanks also from me to Henry for the hospitality in LA, Mark Holt for the couch to crash on in San Jose, my parents for picking me up at the airport on Mother's Day (yes, I drove out west, but flew back -- don't ask), and to Lauren for attending to the house and cats during my absence.

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