Please note that after 6 years of professional LEGO building, I am cutting way back on how much I work in this field. I'm not quite to the point that I'll rule out all commissioned projects, but I am really only doing commissions that truly spark my interest. If you think you have such a project in mind, please read as much of this website as possible, get a feel for what I've done in the past, have a clear vision in mind, and then contact me with a clear, detailed email. Thank you.

The main focus of my LEGO profession is the construction of (usually large) sculptures and mosaics. I have also been known to give talks about my work with themes ranging from exactly how I build and what my job is like to why I build. All potential commissions and services are negotiated on a case by case basis; feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to do something for you.

Sculpting and Mosaic Building

A good idea of the types of things that I build may be obtained by perusing my extensive online portfolio. With each write-up I have tried to impress the reader with just how much time and effort goes into a project, regardless of scope. Most sizable projects require a significant amount of time and budget, so if you have any inkling that you may want to commission me, do not procrastinate. The more quickly I am contacted, the more quickly all of the details can be ironed out, and the better chance the project has of being doable. I take pride in working closely with potential clients to try to make seemingly impossible projects a reality; don't hesitate to approach me with even the "craziest" of ideas.

A commissioned project can be of just about any size or subject. I have built wedding cakes for couples, giant DNA helices for pharmaceutical companies, LEGO mosaic renditions of classic works of art, even a full sized desk for a corporate executive. Anything is possible if all of the pieces come together just right.

Public Engagements

I can also make myself available for public speaking with or without an element of actual onsite building.

Without building usually means that I speak to an audience about my job. An audience may be school kids, college students, or working adults. Almost everyone is interested in hearing stories involving LEGO. If circumstances permit, I can bring some of my smaller models to such talks, or, if Internet access is available, I can speak while giving a "virtual tour" of my online portfolio.

Performance with an element of construction usually involves my building something "onsite" as passers-by watch (and ask questions). This is often done at tradeshows for particular company booths or at museums where the clients want to wow visitors.

As with basic building projects, fees for speaking engagements are negotiated on an individual basis; each job is unique.

And Beyond...

Interested parties are encouraged to approach me with any other ideas they may have. I am always open to new suggestions (after building a giant LEGO mosaic while standing on a billboard above Sunset Boulevard, nothing seems too insane). I will consider all serious inquiries. That said, one should remember that I reserve the right to decline an offer for any reason whatsoever (personal or business). Rarely do I have to turn down jobs that are truly intriguing, but I cannot guarantee my involvement in every potential project that comes my way.

But if you have any idea, let's talk.


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