Samford Hall Model

Back in 2003 I built a medium-sized mosaic of Samford Hall, one of the few buildings in Auburn, Alabama that can be considered a "landmark." That mosaic was really just of the clock tower of the building, and I felt it was finally time that I try my hand at a more complete version of the structure... not as a mosaic, but as a three-dimensional model.

I have kicked around the idea of constructing Samford Hall ever since I was a kid who played with LEGO bricks and would see this cool building that begged to be built out of red, white, and black bricks. Thirty-plus years later I finally got around to doing it.

The model required over 4000 pieces. It sits on two 48-studs baseplates (so requires 30"x15" of tabletop space). The clock tower tops out at about 19" tall. No glue was needed even though I employed a lot of SNOT ("Studs Not On Top") building techniques to get the right look (especially around the clock).

It took me about one month to build from the time I decided to do it until the final pieces arrived from the Netherlands. Many of the pieces needed are rare, and I had to make over a dozen orders from collectors around the world to obtain exactly what was necessary. Most of that month's time was just waiting for the mailman to show up.

A Google Search can show you plenty of images of the real building.

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