Samford Hall mosaic

One of the most recognizable landmarks at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama is that of Samford Hall. This building has served the University in various capacities since it was first constructed in 1888 (a brief history of the building is readable here).

In the beginning of 2003 I was approached by the Auburn Arts Association and asked if I could build a mosaic for their upcoming 'Arts Auction'. We decided that I should build a mosaic of Samford Hall, or, rather its recognizable clock tower.

This was a pretty straightforward project. It is a Studs Out mosaic measuring 30" x 60" (2 x 3 extra large baseplates). I used 9 LEGO colors: White, Black, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, and Medium Blue. All of the pieces were plates (not bricks).

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