Click on this image to learn more about the Linux Mascot. The image of 'Tux' is copyrighted to Larry Ewing. It is used with permission.

"There's always something about penguins..."

Among geeks of various types the acronym 'LUG' might stand for a couple of things: 'LEGO User Group' or 'Linux User Group.' Maybe in some small way this model will bring those two groups closer together. Here is my LEGO creation of the Linux mascot: Linux Penguin.

The Penguin stands/sits 25 inches tall.

Talk about a lot of black bricks... when I finished, I barely had more than a dozen each of black 1x4's, 2x3's, and 2x4's (I started with hundreds of each). My white and yellow brick supplies were affected, of course, but nearly as much (since white and yellow bricks are more common in bulk tubs).

One interesting note about this model is that I actually built it from the top down. I wanted to make sure I got the head the exact size I wanted, so I started with it first and worked downward. I feared that this would be troublesome later into the model, but it actually posed no problems whatsoever.

Man, I'm really gonna have to take a break from LEGO.

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