Polly Wants A LEGO

I constructed this LEGO-parrot in about 5 hours from scratch (click on the thumbnail images for larger pictures). The parrot was an ideal model because of the use of nearly all of the colors and the fact that the best models focus on primary colors. The symmetry of the bird also made things fairly easy.

The trickiest part to this model was the fact that the head is only 7 studs wide... an odd number. This was done so that the beak could be as narrow as possible (1 stud). The main body, however, I wanted to be an even number of studs wide (since LEGO bricks lend themselves better to even numbers). I managed to accomplish this with some 2-to-1 plates on a swivel piece which also allowed me to give some rotational movement to the head (you'll notice that the head is cocked in a few of the pictures).

The parrot turned out to be back heavy, but this balance problem was solved by making sure the long tail feathers touched the ground evenly with the stand. I would like to build a fancy LEGO-birdcage with trapeze eventually, but if I do this, the balance problem will have to be resolved.

As soon as I pick up a few 1x2 black slopes, I'll angle the beak a little more.

The parrot stands 57 bricks high from head to tail.

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