Mona Lego

Mona Lego Another Mosaic.

Another BIG mosaic.

The image to the right shows me lying next to a large LEGO mosaic of the Mona Lisa (click on the image for more views).

This commissioned piece measures about 6 feet wide by 8 feet tall.

It required over 30,000 pieces, including over 8,000 red 1x1 bricks, 3,000 black 1x1s, and 4,800 green 1x1s (these last ones were really tough to track down -- Thanks, Henry, Mike, Geddy, and Phil). The frame require about 16 blue plate packs from Lego Shop At Home.

It uses only the 6 basic LEGO colors: black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow.

It weighs about 45 pounds and will be hung on the wall of the client (pictures of that experience will be provided later). Very little glue was used. Only the 'hanger' pieces along the top were glued as well as any pieces which spanned the 'seams' of the 33 baseplates underneath (24 extra large grey, 9 large green), and those pieces were only glued to one of the joined plates each so that the mosaic may be disassembled into sections for shipping and reassembly.

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