I bet Milhouse plays with LEGO bricks...

Because the Bart Simpson model was received so well, I decided to build his bespectacled little buddy, Milhouse Van Houten.

Finding pictures of Milhouse on the web was a bit tougher than finding ones of (the more popular/famous) Bart, so I did not end up using a single graphic as the basis of this model. Instead, I used a composite of a few pictures; one for the lower torso, one for the upper torso, and one for the face and expression.

I opted for the 'sly looking Milhouse' (as opposed to a dumbfounded, confounded, or just plain silly expression).

In 'T.V. land reality', I realize that Milhouse's shirt is not really white, but the more accurate light blue (I think that's the color) just wasn't gonna happen with LEGO bricks. So white it was. Forgive me.

With the shirt color picked, the rest of the model required other common colors, and, in fact, the model was built relatively quickly. It's quite symmetric from the feet to the neck (though there is a bit of variance among the arms). Even the head is symmetric, I guess... with the simple exceptions of the eyes' glancing and the eyebrows.

Anyway... after these two Simpsons characters I'm finding that my common-color brick supply is actually reaching critical levels.

Time to restock on blue tubs... hrmmm.

Milhouse stands thirty-seven inches tall and weighs about twenty-five to thirty pounds.

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