Agalychnis callidryas

I get all types of requests. Here is a mosaic built for a client who really likes frogs. Actually his sister really likes frogs, and this mosaic was a birthday present for her.

As with all LEGO mosaics, from a distance the colors blend together to form an illusion of varying hues. So while it may appear that several tints of green and blue were used from one distance, closer examination reveals that only 6 colors were needed (black, red, yellow, blue, green, and tan -- no white plates).

Here is another photograph taken straight on.

I signed the mosaic in the lower right corner using transparent red plates and tiles aligned in a Studs Not On Top (SNOT) fashion.


  • Project: Mosaic (Studs Up Orientation).
  • Subject: Tree Frog.
  • Size: Approximately 47.75" x 34".
  • Piece Count: Approximately 20,000.

    Here is the information the client provided me about this species of frog:
    Red-eyed Tree Frog. (Agalychnis callidryas)
    Habitat: Tropical rainforests of Central and northern South America

    Facts: These nocturnal frogs spend the daylight hours hidden on the undersides of leaves with their eyes closed and their limbs held tightly against their body. This behavior both conserves moisture and provides camouflage for the frog. They becomes active at night, climbing from branch to branch in a foot-over-foot motion, grasping branches with sticky toe pads and opposable fingers in search of insect prey. The striking coloration of the red-eyed tree frog: green back, blue flanks, yellow feet, and red eyes make them one of the world's most distinctive and most photographed amphibian. They are completely arboreal, or tree dwelling and rarely descend to the ground. Their long limbs are more suited to climbing and jumping than swimming. Eggs are laid on a leaf high over a pond or stream and hatching tadpoles fall into the water below. After metamorphosis, they climb back into the trees.

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