Curiouser and curiouser...

LEGO project #2 for me involved another great interest of mine: Alice in Wonderland. My goal? A life-sized statue of Alice.

This sculpture was trickier than R2D2 because I had only very small color illustrations to reference. I own a deck of playing cards with color illustrations 'inspired by Sir John Tenniel's illustrations'. Using four of these cards in particular (at right), I attempted to fashion a statue of Alice as positioned when she was gazing upward at the Chesire Cat.

Less symmetrical the R2D2, this model proved to be much more 'organic'. The feet and calves were relatively easy, but the demands upon that portion of the statue were great as the rest of the statue had to balance carefully on them (the narrow ankles proved to be the 'weak link').

The statue took less than three weeks to build and only required the purchase of 5 more Blue Tubs (I still had many blue and yellow bricks left over from the R2D2 purchases).

Alice stands almost exactly 4 feet tall (126 brick levels) and weighs at least as much as R2D2 (probably more -- say 25 pounds?).

I've decided to take a respite from model building for a few weeks, but when I resume, the ever growing quantity of red bricks will be used for a Wonderland Queen of Hearts ('Off with their heads!'). I hope to eventually create a number of Wonderland statues (Mad Hatter, Playing-Card Guardsmen, et cetera).

All of that to come.

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