Word Magnets

This applet creates a space within which the user may shift around the words the webpage designer has listed (mouse click and drag a word to move it) as if the words were on little magnet pieces. Furthermore, the user may modify an existing 'magnet' by SHIFT-clicking on it. Alternately, new magnets may be created by SHIFT-clicking in vacant area of the applet (then type what new letters you want on the magnet piece).

Please note that this applet is in no way associated with the company Magnetic Poetry.


<param name=COPYRIGHT value="WordMagnets applet, Copyright 1998, Eric Harshbarger">
  • MAGNET.COLOR: This color value determines the color of the magnet pieces themselves (whereas BGCOLOR is the background color of the whole applet and FGCOLOR is the color of the text on the magnet pieces).

  • WORDFILE: This parameter points to a text file that lists the words that are to appear in the applet. The basic format of the file is simple: one word per line. Also, each word in a line may be followed by whitespace and then a pair of comma separated coordinates that force the starting position of the upper left corner of that particular magnet. The WORDFILE for the example applet above is available to see.