Mouse over this darkened image to reveal parts of the true picture.


<param name=COPYRIGHT value="SpotLight applet, Copyright 1998, Eric Harshbarger">
  • RADIUS: This is the pixel radius of the spotlighted area. The bigger this radius, the more CPU-intensive the applet will be.

  • FADE.RADIUS: This is indicates the 'softness' of the edge of the spotlighted area. If equals to '0', the spotlight is fully lit until the RADIUS is exceeded, at which point the image is completely dark (by DARK.FACTOR). A value greater than 0 indicates the number of pixels over which a soft 'feathering' effect will transition btween the spotlighted area and the surronding darkness.

  • DARK.FACTOR: This should be a decimal between 0.0 and 1.0 (inclusive) that indicates how dark the unlight parts of the image will be. '0.0' indicates complete blackness, while '1.0' indicates the normal brightness of the original image.