This applet constructs a 'connect the dots' game from an image provided. The image should not have the numbered dots in it; the applet will place and number the dots according to the DOTS parameter. To draw the picture, start by mouse-clicking on dot #1 and drag the mouse pointer (holding the mouse button down) to dot #2. Release the mouse button to complete the line. Repeat from #2 to #3...


<param name=COPYRIGHT value="DotToDot applet, Copyright 1999, Eric Harshbarger">
  • CLOSED: Indicates whether the 'circuit' of lines connecting the dots will be closed (i.e. does the last numbered dot connect back with the first). The default is 'false'.

  • DOTS: A list of x,y (no space after the comma) coordinates separated by whitespace. Each pair of coordinates respresents a dot which will be drawn and numbered by the applet. Dots are rendered and numbered in the order they are given in the list.

  • DOTSIZE: The pixel-radius of the DOTS when they are drawn. The default is 2.

  • SEQUENTIAL: If 'true' the dots must be connected sequentially in the sense that dot-2 cannot be connected to dot-3 until dot-1 has been connected to dot-2... and so forth. 'false' means that the restriction is not enforced. The default is 'true'.