18HexHex -- deluxe tiles for 18xx games

I've been toying around with the idea of making "deluxe" hex-tiles for use in 18xx games. If there is interest from other players for such tiles, please let me know! It takes quite a bit of time to create these things, but I can make a fair number each go-around, so if there is a lot of interest, then I'll more easily be able to justify the time I spend on this project.

Here are some pictures of preliminary tiles I have made. They are laser-cut to precise size (1.5" between parallel sides). The material is 1/8" hardboard, so they are completely rigid. They are painted glossy in the primary color (Yellow, Green, Brown, or Gray). Stenciling is used to get some basic white highlights (for city/station spaces and values), and then the dark track and outlines are engraved into the tiles.

The dark black edges are from the lasering. Initially there is a very little bit of residue (charring) that comes off on the fingers, but that goes away after typical handling. If the faces of the tiles get dirty, they can be gently cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

I am still perfecting the "production techniques," but I see no reason why any of the 18xx tiles could not be made in this fashion.

Price-wise, I'm hovering around charging 50 cents a pieces for these (that, of course, might change). Buyers could request specific tiles and counts, so they would never have to pay for tiles they don't need (they could buy a set of tiles specific to a particular 18xx game, or they could just define a superset of tiles which would allow them to have the right combinations for all of the games they might own).

I'm very interested in feedback about this, so if you have comments, price recommendations, or questions, please email me.