The geek shall inherit the Earth...

This page will document various knickkancks I have invented which might appeal to the geek, the nerd, the dork, or any other flavor of misfit you align yourself with. You'll probably either get a chuckle out of the things here or you'll just not "get it." If you fall into the former category and think some of these things are really nifty... email me and we can talk price. I can usually make more of these things.

In many ways the things on this page are inspired by or closely related to many of the puzzle ideas I develop.

So far, on this page you'll find:


More of my puzzle creations may be found elsewhere on my website.


This is best demonstrated via YouTube video.

Geometric Models

Basswood Bucky

I'm a math-geek too. In fact, I'm an "official" math-geek in that I studied the subject in college enough to earn a couple of degrees in the field. By far geometry was my favor topic, and this model is just the first of many I expect to create with my newly-acquired laser cutter.

Mathematically the shape is known as a "truncated icosahedron" (the pentagonal faces are omitted). Many chemists know it as a "buckyball" as it's the form of some carbon molecule or something. Most folks would probably say, "it looks like a soccer ball!" And they'd be right... a soccer ball, too, has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons.