Scrambled Eggs

Below are twelve letters equated to phrases. The phrases are anagrams of business names in the Auburn/Opelika area. You need to determine the street number of each business (the street names on which they are located are given as helpful hints). Substitute the street number in for the associated letters in the calculation below (I confirmed the street numbers from the telephone directory).

Using a calculator, solve the equation and then turn the calculator upside-down. The word that appears is the answer you need to enter in order to learn where to pick up the Certificate of Egg-cellence for this puzzle.

A = Her ecru curb. Egg be here? (North College Street)
B = Karate egg pic! (East Glenn Avenue)
C = Rub egg rink. (South Gay Street)
D = Egg-art, sir? (South Gay Street)
E = I detect egg hunt. (East University Drive)
F = I label egg: "Bub". (North College)
G = Phosphor lit egg larvae. (Opelika Road)
H = Bad egg & ruby. (Gateway Drive)
I = Carry egg for lord. (South College Street)
J = A retailer loves eggs. (Wire Road)
K = Moron laid eggs. (North Dean Road)
L = Take on nine egg ciphers. (South College Street)

[H * J * (K - D - A - F)] + L + I + E + G + C - B + 149 = ?