Peek in a can I keep.

A palindrome by Eric Harshbarger
Length: 15 letters and numbers (punctuation marks excluded)
Pivot Letter: "C"
Rating: not yet rated by anyone
Reference #: 00696

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this all about?: A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same way forward as backward (just the letters and numbers -- punctuation and spacing may be altered). Words like "level" and "noon" are palindromes as are the phrases "derby bred" and "stop pots". This webpage serves up palindromes that I have created over the years.
  • What, you created all of these? Yup. I've been fascinated with wordplay of all sorts for my whole life, and since about 2008 I started actively creating palindromes. Now, I'm not the only person fascinated by palindromes (believe it or not), and it is possible that some of "mine" are identical (or very similar) to ones that others have created. I try to check new ones that I make against various lists of known palindromes, but that's an imperfect process at best. If you feel like I've stolen yours (or someone else's) clever work, please let me know.

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