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24 April 2021

Somebody Bring Me Some Water!

When I first started talking long walks, I used to carry quite a lot of things with me in a backpack: maps, extra clothes, food, camera, spyglass, and so forth. By now I've traveled most of these roads so much that I don't really need to carry maps with me. I can also plan my routes better, and I have no need to carry any non-essentials. These days it's all about traveling light and fast.

But one thing that I always take? Some water. Long walks cause one to sweat out a lot of fluid, even if the weather is pleasantly cool (and during the summers in Alabama, the heat and humidity can be brutal -- I've been known to walk in 20+ miles in 97F, 60%+ humidity). Carrying enough water is a must. I keep a couple of plastic water bottles in my freezer at home, and the night before I walk, I set one out to begin thawing. That way, during my walk, the water is chilled by the remaining ice as it slowly melts.

Still, water is heavy, and I don't like to carry more than I have to. To lessen the amount of water I carry, I also make note of any working water spigots that I come across from which I can fill up deplete bottle(s). Churches are often great places to find such spigots. And, of course, most parks within city limits have some type of water fountains or bathroom facilities.

I've actually added a new layer to my Offbeat Auburn Map that highlights locations where I know of active water spigots. This is as a reminder to myself, and as a helpful resource if any readers out there find themselves wandering about the county on a hot day. One note, of course: always be respectful of other people's property! Be sure to turn off any water spigots you use!

I know that I've forgotten many of the water sources I've encountered through the years, but I will try to keep this map layer up to date.

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