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15 February 2020

(Not So) Old Cox Road

I've written previously about my interest in City of Auburn roads that have names beginning with "Old" and that seem to hint at different past configurations of the geography of such thoroughfares.

Today I walked to the southern edge of the city and visited another such street: "(Old) Cox Road". Here are a couple of video clips:

My ramblings in the first clip are not perfectly accurate about the relatively recent construction of Exit 50 to I-85. Originally, the small bridge on Beehive Road (barely visible in that first clip) was the only bridge over the interstate in this immediate vicinity. At the time Cox Road started at Wire Road (to the north) came southward, ended at Beehive Road (where I was standing when that first clip was filmed), and then drivers would cross the interstate (Beehive Road eventually intersecting South College Street).

Recently, though, a brand new interchange was built to allow traffic on and off of I-85. Cox Road was diverted and a brand new (large) bridge with on-ramps and off-ramps was built, and Exit 50 was created. It was during this time that a spur of Cox Road was cut off from the original road and was named "Old Cox Road". The new Cox Road now crosses the interstate at the new bridge, and it is that road that now, officially, intersects South College Street (with Beehive Road terminating into Cox Road a bit earlier -- after it crosses the still extant smaller bridge).

Got all that? So my summary of the reconfiguration in the video is correct. Cox Road used to terminate at Beehive Road, but now the roles are reversed: it is now Beehive Road that runs into Cox Road. Here is a map that might help keep all that straight (as if there is anyone besides myself who cares about this):

(The black dashed line shows the adventurous path I took to get from the end of Old Cox Road to the shoulder of the Exit 50 on-ramp. It required climbing over a tall chain link fence and negotiating through many, many razor sharp brambles.)

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