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7 January 2020

Summerlin Hovel

The new year has brought perfect walking weather, and even though I had no definitive path planned when I set off today, I ended up making a really cool discovery (without even leaving the city limits of Auburn).

I love ruined shacks and other dilapidated buildings, and I stumbled across a great one today. The Hamilton Road area of Auburn (off Moores Mill Road) has seen as much development in the past two decades as the rest of the city (that is, a lot), and the newest subdivision to be built in that locale is one called "Summerlin". What used to be a single large house on acres and acres of pasture land is now becoming an upscale neighborhood.

However, in one corner of the developing area, easily within plain sight (if you are looking for it), and less than fifty yards off Hamilton Road is this structure:

It was obviously abandoned (windows boarded up, door propped open), so I explored it a bit more.

This building is a true hovel. It is small; a single room with roughly a 10' square footprint, walls are nothing more that cinder blocks, the ceiling is only about 6½ high. And yet, apparently, someone lived in it as recently as 1999 -- there was a small calendar from that year on the wall. Taking up nearly half the floor space was a bed (with abandoned clothes and amenities strewn over it). Squeezed into the other corner was an old chest of drawers.

On the back outside wall was an old electric meter, so, at one point, there was power to the hovel. There was no apparent bathroom or sewage hookup, however. I saw no signs of an outhouse (which would not be a completely ridiculous notion given that I have found ruins of an outhouse else where in Auburn).

Who knows how long this little hut will remain? Will the new subdivision's Home Owners Association ever get around to demolishing it?

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