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28 September 2019


The weekend after I first posted about old concrete signposts that may still be found about Auburn, I went on an adventure to find another such artifact. I thought I remembered a discarded signpost in a creek near Sam Harris Park in the northwest part of town. So, early Saturday morning I set off toward the park to see if my memory was correct.

An hour or so later I was happy to (re)discover this abandoned signpost right where I thought it would be:

But, upon seeing it, I then recalled a small mystery surrounding it. Where, exactly was it from? And, for that matter, had this signpost ever actually been in use?

As one can see from the picture, the concrete pillar is damaged; the upper part of it is broken off, and only a partial street name is visible: "_aSON TC". Also, the post is not white, as all of the old street posts used to be when at street corners. The "TC" abbreviation was likely a mistake, a reversed "CT" for some COURT in Auburn ("MASON"? "JASON"?). Maybe this was a street sign that was messed up during creation (decades ago) and was just dumped here and never used (this area of the creek seems to be a concrete dumping ground for the City of Auburn, there is rubble of all sorts -- old curbs, slabs, storm drains)?

I am willing to believe that the paint has slowly eroded away given that the post had been lying down in the middle of acreek for who knows how long. Regardless of whether or not it had ever actually been at a street corner, I was curious as to whether there actually was/is an appropriately named intersection somewhere in town.

Closer examination revealed another partial street name on the flank of the post:

Clearly, "__NTER PL" is readable. Discovering whether or not two roads with such names existed in Auburn would have to wait until I got back home and could check some maps.

In the meantime, I decided to have a little fun. I stood the post up in the middle of the creek and stacked rocks around the base to stablize it. I have no idea how long the pillar will remain erect, but I'll check back on it every so often (this part of the creek is about as much in the "middle of nowhere" as any place in the City of Auburn can be these days -- I'd bet that a deer will knock it over before a human will).

Here are a few pictures of how I left it:

Later in the morning, after returning home, I was able to get an answer to my question. There is an intersection in the northern part of town where Jason Court and Center Place meet, so it is quite likely that this signpost was at that corner decades ago until all such signposts were replaced.

Another Offbeat Mystery solved.

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