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9 May 2019

Farewell, Allison!

Allison Laboratory is the location of the Physics Department at Auburn University. As of May 2019, that sentence will have to be stated in the past tense. Allsion Laboratory is going to be demolished very soon. The physics folks have been relocated up the street at the newly renovated Leach Science Center, and the mathematics folks who had offices in Allison have been located to various places (some to Parker Hall -- the main math building, some to the Extension Building, others... who knows? there are a lot of wandering math folk...).

Allison Laboratory was built in 1963 and was part of a tri-building complex for the sciences at Auburn University at that time. There was Allison Laboratory for Physics, Parker Hall for Mathematics, and Saunders Hall for Chemistry. All three buildings were connected via stairwells and walkways.

But alas, over the decades, these buildings definitely started to show their age. They were also slowly sinking into the ground given that the whole complex was built on essentially a lowland bog. Saunders Hall was demolished in the 90s, I think... maybe early 2000s. Allison is coming down this month. Parker Hall is still holding on, but barely. Everyone is ready for Parker Hall to come down, but given the size of the Mathematics Department and the sheer number of classroom desks in the building, it will still be a few years before it will be demolished.

But let's focus on Allsion right now; its demise is imminent. An email went out to everyone in the Math Dept. today stating that if you had an office in Allison (I did not, personally), you had better make sure you had all your stuff out of it now. The building was being locked up next Monday morning, and anything left therein would be buried in the wreckage of demolition.

While I had nothing to retrieve from the building, I thought this would be a great time to wander through the old structure and see what was left. I have essentially no memories of the place (really only walked through the hallways toward a parking lot every now and then), but I'll never pass up an opportunity to video abandoned buildings. Here is my tour of the third (top) floor of Allison Laboratory:

Farewell, Allison!

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