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12 February 2017

I'll Cross That Bridge When I Find It

Back in 2015 I documented my (re)discovery of the site of Nixon Steel Company on CR27. It was on a route that I often take when walking out to my parents' place. This route is actually one of my favorite walks in that direction.

When I first traveled that way I took several pictures of a condemned bridge:

Obviously this bridge was in no condition for vehicular traffic, but it did provide a great place to stop and eat lunch or such as I walked down County Road 27 (the bridge was easily crossed on foot).

Alas, now, a year and a half later, the county highway department has decided to replace the old steel stucture. Here is a picture of the new bridge:

You'll note the old bridge lying on the ground to the left.

While the new structure is certainly much sturdier, and can handle far more traffic than the old steel one, I'll miss the serenity that came with relaxing on the former -- knowing that I would not be disturbed by passing vehicles.

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