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Near-Pangrammatic Place Names

According to the 2010 U.S. Census data, here is a list of place names which, when written out with the full name of its associated state, require the most different letters of the alphabet.

The more you know...

> ALABAMA       16 different letters:
  > Underwood-Petersville, Alabama (CDP)

> ALASKA        15 different letters:
  > Manley Hot Springs, Alaska (CDP)
  > Northway Junction, Alaska (CDP)
  > Northway Village, Alaska (CDP)
  > Whitestone Logging Camp, Alaska (CDP)

> ARIZONA       16 different letters:
  > Central Heights-Midland City, Arizona (CDP)
  > Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona (town)
  > Lake Havasu City, Arizona (city)

> ARKANSAS      14 different letters:
  > Campbell Station, Arkansas (city)
  > Crawfordsville, Arkansas (town)
  > Hot Springs Village, Arkansas (CDP)
  > Lost Bridge Village, Arkansas (CDP)
  > Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas (CDP)
  > Yarborough Landing, Arkansas (CDP)

> CALIFORNIA    18 different letters:
  > West Rancho Dominguez, California (CDP)

> COLORADO      15 different letters:
  > Bonanza Mountain Estates, Colorado (CDP)
  > Downieville-Lawson-Dumont, Colorado (CDP)
  > Green Mountain Falls, Colorado (town)
  > Steamboat Springs, Colorado (city)

> CONNECTICUT   15 different letters:
  > Conning Towers Nautilus Park, Connecticut (CDP)
  > North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut (CDP)
  > Old Saybrook Center, Connecticut (CDP)

> DELAWARE      15 different letters:
  > Dover Base Housing, Delaware (CDP)

> FLORIDA       16 different letters:
  > Jacksonville Beach, Florida (city)
  > New Port Richey East, Florida (CDP)
  > New Smyrna Beach, Florida (city)
  > Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (city)
  > Panama City Beach, Florida (city)
  > St. Augustine Beach, Florida (city)
  > South Palm Beach, Florida (town)
  > University Park, Florida (CDP)
  > West Palm Beach, Florida (city)
  > Yeehaw Junction, Florida (CDP)

> GEORGIA       14 different letters:
  > Country Club Estates, Georgia (CDP)
  > Dutch Island, Georgia (CDP)
  > Flowery Branch, Georgia (city)
  > Whitemarsh Island, Georgia (CDP)

> HAWAII        14 different letters:
  > Discovery Harbour, Hawaii (CDP)
  > Schofield Barracks, Hawaii (CDP)

> IDAHO 14 different letters:
  > New Plymouth, Idaho (city)

> ILLINOIS      14 different letters:
  > Bay View Gardens, Illinois (village)
  > Calumet Park, Illinois (village)
  > East Cape Girardeau, Illinois (village)
  > Fairview Heights, Illinois (city)
  > Lake Petersburg, Illinois (CDP)
  > Machesney Park, Illinois (village)
  > Marquette Heights, Illinois (city)
  > Mechanicsburg, Illinois (village)
  > Round Lake Beach, Illinois (village)
  > Round Lake Heights, Illinois (village)
  > South Jacksonville, Illinois (village)
  > University Park, Illinois (village)

> INDIANA       16 different letters:
  > Country Club Heights, Indiana (town)

> IOWA  14 different letters:
  > Elk Run Heights, Iowa (city)
  > Fredericksburg, Iowa (city)
  > Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa (city)
  > Sergeant Bluff, Iowa (city)
  > University Heights, Iowa (city)
  > University Park, Iowa (city)

> KANSAS        14 different letters:
  > Grandview Plaza, Kansas (city)
  > White Cloud, Kansas (city)

> KENTUCKY      17 different letters:
  > Beechwood Village, Kentucky (city)
  > Bradfordsville, Kentucky (city)
  > Brownsboro Village, Kentucky (city)
  > Middlesborough, Kentucky (city)
  > Mockingbird Valley, Kentucky (city)
  > Strathmoor Village, Kentucky (city)

> LOUISIANA     15 different letters:
  > Bridge City, Louisiana (CDP)
  > Lockport Heights, Louisiana (CDP)

> MAINE 14 different letters:
  > Brunswick Station, Maine (CDP)
  > Bucksport, Maine (CDP)
  > Falmouth Foreside, Maine (CDP)
  > South Portland, Maine (city)

> MARYLAND      17 different letters:
  > Braddock Heights, Maryland (CDP)

> MASSACHUSETTS 18 different letters:
  > West Springfield Town, Massachusetts (city)

> MICHIGAN      17 different letters:
  > Crystal Downs Country Club, Michigan (CDP)
  > Manitou Beach-Devils Lake, Michigan (CDP)

> MINNESOTA     17 different letters:
  > Birchwood Village, Minnesota (city)

> MISSISSIPPI   15 different letters:
  > Alcorn State University, Mississippi (CDP)
  > Walnut Grove, Mississippi (town)

> MISSOURI      16 different letters:
  > Lewis and Clark Village, Missouri (town)

> MONTANA       15 different letters:
  > East Glacier Park Village, Montana (CDP)
  > Fort Belknap Agency, Montana (CDP)
  > White Sulphur Springs, Montana (city)

> NEBRASKA      15 different letters:
  > Howard City, Nebraska (village)
  > Loup City, Nebraska (city)
  > McCool Junction, Nebraska (village)
  > Plymouth, Nebraska (village)
  > South Sioux City, Nebraska (city)

> NEVADA        15 different letters:
  > Humboldt River Ranch, Nevada (CDP)

> NEW HAMPSHIRE 16 different letters:
  > Blodgett Landing, New Hampshire (CDP)

> NEW JERSEY    17 different letters:
  > Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey (borough)
  > Holiday City-Berkeley, New Jersey (CDP)
  > South Plainfield, New Jersey (borough)

> NEW MEXICO    18 different letters:
  > Pueblo of Sandia Village, New Mexico (CDP)

> NEW YORK      18 different letters:
  > South Farmingdale, New York (CDP)

> NORTH CAROLINA        16 different letters:
  > Blue Clay Farms, North Carolina (CDP)

> NORTH DAKOTA  17 different letters:
  > Four Bears Village, North Dakota (CDP)

> OHIO  14 different letters:
  > Pleasant Run Farm, Ohio (CDP)
  > Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio (CDP)

> OKLAHOMA      16 different letters:
  > Flute Springs, Oklahoma (CDP)

> OREGON        14 different letters:
  > Columbia City, Oregon (city)
  > Crawfordsville, Oregon (CDP)
  > Deschutes River Woods, Oregon (CDP)
  > Mount Hood Village, Oregon (CDP)
  > Winchester Bay, Oregon (CDP)

> PENNSYLVANIA  19 different letters:
  > University of Pittsburgh Johnstown, Pennsylvania (CDP)

> RHODE ISLAND  16 different letters:
  > Pawtucket, Rhode Island (city)

> SOUTH CAROLINA        17 different letters:
  > Lake Murray of Richland, South Carolina (CDP)

> SOUTH DAKOTA  17 different letters:
  > Blucksberg Mountain, South Dakota (CDP)
  > Valley Springs, South Dakota (city)

> TENNESSEE     14 different letters:
  > Cumberland City, Tennessee (town)
  > Cumberland Gap, Tennessee (town)
  > Hickory Valley, Tennessee (town)

> TEXAS 16 different letters:
  > Hill Country Village, Texas (city)

> UTAH  14 different letters:
  > Beryl Junction, Utah (CDP)

> VERMONT       15 different letters:
  > East Middlebury, Vermont (CDP)
  > North Springfield, Vermont (CDP)

> VIRGINIA      16 different letters:
  > Buckingham Courthouse, Virginia (CDP)
  > King and Queen Court House, Virginia (CDP)
  > Lake of the Woods, Virginia (CDP)
  > Southampton Meadows, Virginia (CDP)
  > Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia (CDP)

> WASHINGTON    18 different letters:
  > Boulevard Park, Washington (CDP)
  > Port Gamble Tribal Comunity, Washington (CDP)

> WEST VIRGINIA 17 different letters:
  > Camden-on-Gauley, West Virginia (town)
  > Mount Gay-Shamrock, West Virginia (CDP)

> WISCONSIN     14 different letters:
  > Amherst Junction, Wisconsin (village)
  > Black Earth, Wisconsin (village)
  > Black River Falls, Wisconsin (city)
  > Blanchardville, Wisconsin (village)
  > Boulder Junction, Wisconsin (CDP)
  > Campbellsport, Wisconsin (village)
  > Cumberland, Wisconsin (city)
  > Elmwood Park, Wisconsin (village)
  > Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, Wisconsin (village)
  > Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin (CDP)
  > Little Round Lake, Wisconsin (CDP)
  > Luxemburg, Wisconsin (village)
  > Maple Bluff, Wisconsin (village)
  > Marshfield, Wisconsin (city)
  > Mount Calvary, Wisconsin (village)
  > North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (village)
  > Patch Grove, Wisconsin (village)
  > Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin (city)
  > South Milwaukee, Wisconsin (city)
  > Spring Valley, Wisconsin (village)
  > Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (city)
  > Trempealeau, Wisconsin (village)

> WYOMING       17 different letters:
  > Boulder Flats, Wyoming (CDP)

-- Eric

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Comments about this article:
The best heterogram is:
which contains 16 letters, and it's a german city.

Posted by: jcmeyrignac

Nice one.

Posted by: Eric

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