Wait for the applet and sounds to load. When the TextArea appears, type a message in it and press 'speak'. This applet is tied into a PERL script/Database that takes advantage of a free phonetic dictionary from Carnegie Mellon Univeristy. You may put phonetic segments within [braces].

The rather tedious download of all of the individual sound files is not my fault; Netscape does not correctly support JAR files completely; full support would allow me to package all of the sound files together in one (compressed) file.

Phoneme Set

The current phoneme set has 39 phonemes, not counting varia for lexical stress.
        Phoneme Example Translation
        ------- ------- -----------
        AA      odd     AA D
        AE      at      AE T
        AH      hut     HH AH T
        AO      ought   AO T
        AW      cow     K AW
        AY      hide    HH AY D
        B       be      B IY
        CH      cheese  CH IY Z
        D       dee     D IY
        DH      thee    DH IY
        EH      Ed      EH D
        ER      hurt    HH ER T
        EY      ate     EY T
        F       fee     F IY
        G       green   G R IY N
        HH      he      HH IY
        IH      it      IH T
        IY      eat     IY T
        JH      gee     JH IY
        K       key     K IY
        L       lee     L IY
        M       me      M IY
        N       knee    N IY
        NG      ping    P IH NG
        OW      oat     OW T
        OY      toy     T OY
        P       pee     P IY
        R       read    R IY D
        S       sea     S IY
        SH      she     SH IY
        T       tea     T IY
        TH      theta   TH EY T AH
        UH      hood    HH UH D
        UW      two     T UW
        V       vee     V IY
        W       we      W IY
        Y       yield   Y IY L D
        Z       zee     Z IY
        ZH      seizure S IY ZH ER

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