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Guidelines For Contracting Java Work


Customizing existing applets

After 2 1/2 years at Sun Microsystems as a Java programmer Eric Harshbarger departed from the company but continues to develop Java content as well as design custom HTML and Perl based web projects. Many of the applets Eric creates are available for free download at this website.

The applets available are meant to provide enough flexibilty in their parameters so that visitors may download them and customize them to their own websites. Provisions for custom Background colors, Foreground colors, and Images allow people to incorporate the applets into their pages without the need for basic re-coding.

This is not to say that every applet will match every need or desire of the visitor.

In the scope of his contracting work Eric Harshbarger is available to modify existing applets to suit the vision of potential clients. In fact, he often welcomes such jobs as they often prove easier than jobs that require a 100% brand-new applets/applications written from scratch. With modification, consider the free applets as base examples that may be 'tweaked' or polished to suit individual requests. Eric's standard fee accompanies any such amending of existing applets, but the work is usually accomplished in a much shorter time than projects that are completely original. For example, if the request is simply to add an image or sound to an existing applet (say, the Seek-A-Word), that would not involve too much programming.

Any code (source and compiled) that is customized for a client becomes the property of that client (though Eric releases no rights to the original code upon which the modfied version was based). Custom artwork or sound files would need to be provided by the client. While Eric Harshbarger will endeavour to deliver bug-free optimized code to the client, the client is responsible for any Quality Assurance, and Eric is not responsible for any damages caused by the use, misuse, or abuse of code.

To make the whole process of contracting run smoothly and efficiently the client should initial provide very specific details in an introductory email to Eric. Information should include:

This may seem like a lot of questions, but the more detailed information provided initially, the easier it is for Eric to not only consider the project, but also make an accurate estimate on time and cost.

This is not to say that submission of the above information guarantees the project will be undertaken. Sometimes Eric has too many other projects currently in the works, sometimes he might just not want to do the work. Eric retains the right to not undertake a project for any reason whatsoever, and potential clients should not take it personally if the request for work is declined.

That said, please do not contact Eric requesting that he let you have a copy of the original source code so that you can do the modifications yourself. That is not an option. Eric hopes to detail provisions for buying/licensing copies of the source code for personal/educational use in the near future, but currently Eric does not release the original source code to any of his applets.

Original Projects

Eric Harshbarger considers work for Java programming beyond the simple customization of existing applets. He has experience in writing both applets and stand alone applications in Java (all versions, 1.0, 1.1, and so on). He has developed everything from Chat programs to Speech synthesis applets to Voting/Polling systems that tie into custom Perl/CGI scripts (which he also writes).

If you have something in mind, feel free to inquire (one should follow the guidelines above about being very specific in the initial outline of any potential project).

Generally, completely original projects will take much longer to develop and code than customization of existing code, so one should expect the associated costs in both time and money to be substantially greater.

And what about cost? Ahh... the most important item...


Prices for any type of Java programming project can vary greatly, but not to 'beat around the bush', Eric Harshbarger generally provides an estimate on the basis of about $125 dollars per hour. Most small projects can have a time estimate associated with them so that a total project cost can be estimated up front. Longer, more complex, projects might be more suited to an open-ended hourly rate of programming/consulting.

Note that the above pricing is subject to a wide range of variables, and Eric Harshbarger reserves the right to quote a total or hourly rate of any amount during initial negotiations (the client can always decline if the cost is too high). The hourly rate is just a ballpark figure so that visitors might know immediately whether or not they will want to consider contracting Eric's programming services.

Ok... you've read the whole page.


If all of the above babble about seems agreeable, feel free to email Eric at with what you had in mind. Let's see if there's work to be done.

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