This section of The Applet Depot houses applets that Eric Harshbarger has written and is making available for free download (compiled code only), so that others may include Java on their own webpages. Basic description and parameter documentation are included with each applet as well as a link to a TAR file that bundles all the necessary classes together. The applets below may be used by anyone on any webpages (commercial or otherwise). While no payment is due to Eric Harshbarger for the use of the applets, a mention of recognition and a link back to The Applet Depot would be greatly appreciated.

Eric has tried to make the applets as useful and 'parameterizable' as possible to allow maximum flexibility with integration of the applets onto your pages. If you find that you're dying to see additional features to any of the applets below, customization of the applets is possible.

Applets Currently Available

  1. Analog Clock.
  2. Animation. A basic animation applet that accepts both GIFs and JPGs.
  3. Ascii. An applet for making your own animated ASCII films.
  4. AutoSound. Allows you to automatically play a sound file when the webpage is entered or exited.
  5. Break Away. Another brick in the wall...
  6. Button.
  7. Calendar applet.
  8. Coloring Book applet.
  9. Comic Book applet. The oft-requested applet returns with sound capability.
  10. Concentration. A fun yet addictive memory game.
  11. Digital Clock. Can also functions as a 'countdown' clock.
  12. Dot-To-Dot. The classic 'connect the dots' puzzle.
  13. Fading Text. Fade through multiple text messages (each with its own URL hotlink).
  14. Flash Card. Test your math skills.
  15. Flip Switch. A multi-image based game.
  16. Image Disk. Animate between images with a 'growing disk' effect.
  17. Image Dissolve. A very small applet that dissolves between images.
  18. Image Fade. A very small applet that fades between images.
  19. Image Fan. Another animation/transition applet.
  20. Image Magnets. Virtual 'refrigerator magnets', puzzle pieces, or whatever else you may dream up.
  21. Image Peel.
  22. Image Pixelate. Yet another cool image transition applet.
  23. Image Reveal.
  24. Img. When the <img> tag just isn't good enough.
  25. Machine Gun. This one will blow you away...
  26. Maze Applet. Do you know the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?
  27. Number Jump. Another fun little game.
  28. Pie Chart. A handy applet that automatically displays voting or other results.
  29. Prismatic Text. A color shift text-effect applet.
  30. Rainbow Text. Oooouuu... pretty colors...
  31. Random Text. A return of the high-speed unscrambling applet.
  32. Receding Text. For all you folks who want to remake the opening sequence of Star Wars.
  33. Scrolling Text. A marquee applet that vertically scrolls messages.
  34. Shrinking Text.
  35. Seek-A-Word. Find the hidden words.
  36. Site Map. I may have accidently written a very useful applet with this one (coded in 1.1+ Java).
  37. Slide Show. Allows a web user to easily browser through multiple pictures.
  38. Sliding Puzzle. A classic game.
  39. Spot Light. A nifty image effect applet.
  40. Ticker. Eric finally wrote a 'ticker tape' kinda applet... so feel free to use it.
  41. Type. A typewriter style applet.
  42. Video Wall.
  43. Web Tour. Use this applet to automatically open a sequence of webpages in various browser frames.
  44. Word Magnets. Think 'magnetic poetry' for the Web.

All applets from The Applet Depot are provided 'as is', and no warranty or guarantee of performance is granted. Eric Harshbarger is not liable for the any damages caused by the use, misuse, or abuse of these applets on a webpage or other medium. This includes damages to the owner of the webpage(s) and/or visitors to the webpage(s).

The Applet Depot and all associated applets, text, scripts, and images, Copyright © 1998-2002 by Eric Harshbarger unless otherwise noted. 'Java' is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems Incorporated.