Eric C. Harshbarger

I've had some sort of webpage at this web address since the mid-1990s, and, yes, the simplicity of my webpages reflects those origins. I'm convinced that the usability and usefulness of the web has been steadily decreasing for the past decade as current designers focus too much on form and less on function (that said, I'll be the first to admit that many of the links on my website lead to old or broken links... I don't spend as much time keeping this website as functional as I used to). There was a time I made a living designing websites, but I would never claim to be up-to-date with current web design trends (nor would I want to make such a claim). But, whatever, it's literally not my business anymore. What is my business, then? Well, there are several possibilities:

LEGO Building

For years I made a living as an "independent LEGO builder" (I was really the first person outside of the LEGO company to make a living at it). I will probably forever be known as "the LEGO guy", for better or worse. I don't do nearly as much building with LEGO bricks as I used to, but if you are interested in seeing my past works, I have a portfolio of most of my creations.

Puzzle Designing

I have also spent many years designing puzzles of all types. Some of these you may find for sale in stores or online. For example:


I used to design and sell custom dice, but these days only make them for a few select customers (you may find many of my designs at Math Art Fun). I was also instrumental in the invention of, and research behind, Go First Dice.

Puzzle Parties

For over a decade I organized and hosted Puzzle Parties at which participants from around the country would descend upon Auburn, Alabama and spend a weekend deciphering clues, running around town, and solving cryptic puzzles.

Scrabble and Other Games

I have started studying words again, and I plan to start playing in (and directing!) competitive Scrabble tournaments again (this will mark the fifth time I have returned to the Scrabble tournament scene). More information on my Scrabble playing is available. I occasionally play other board games (though not in a tournament environment), and I have played role-playing games for most of my life (starting with Basic and 1st ed. D&D in the early 80s, Rolemaster in college, and these days I am a big fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game). I even have a webpage that combines my interests in Scrabble and role-playing games.

Word Play

Word play also fascinates me beyond playing Scrabble. I have webpages documenting hundreds of palindromes that I've invented and another website that I occasionally update with logological curiosities.

Java Programming

I started work for Sun Microsystems, Inc. in late 1995, a few months after they first released the Java programming language. While I was not on the Java development team within that company, I was, probably, one of the first thousand or so people in the world to start programming in that language. At the time, the main use for Java was putting "applets" into webpages, and I had a whole website dedicated to exhibiting and distributing applets that I had written for myself or clients. These days most web browsers do not support the inclusion of applets in webpages, but if yours does, you may peruse my ancient "applet depot". Please do not contact me for possible Java programming services; I only program for myself these days.


Most people probably know me these days as Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Auburn University in Alabama.


I like to walk. A lot. If you live in Auburn, Alabama, there is a decent chance you've seen me walking around town. I've even have a website to document all of the walking I do and the quirky things I've encountered while doing so: Offbeat Auburn.


I am not on any "social media" websites, but if you are dying to know more about me, here's some trivia. I prefer cats to dogs. I prefer cats to people. I do not carry a mobile phone. There is a Wikipedia page about me; I had no part in writing it (and the information on it is just a subset of this website). I also have a very brief page on the Internet Movie Database.


If you wish to contact me, you may email me a (Hint: If you do not start your email with a greeting, or if you don't sign your name to your email message, it increases the likelihood that I will not respond.)